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8 Litre “B” Class
Benchtop Autoclave

12 Litre “B” Class
Benchtop Autoclave

16 Litre “S” Class
Benchtop Autoclave

18 Litre “B” Class
Benchtop Autoclave

23 Litre “B” Class
Benchtop Autoclave

29 Litre "B" Class
Benchtop Autoclave


The following features are standard on all our benchtop autoclaves:

  • “FREE delivery, installation and training for all customers in South-East Queensland”

  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved medical device
  • Class “B” & “S” autoclaves with preset programs
  • Validated
  • Stainless steel chamber and trays
  • Internal printer
  • FREE consumables pack with all new machines
  • USB port for writing of sterilisation cycle data to USB stick
  • Double door locking system preventing a sterilisation cycle from starting if the door is not sealed properly. Also prevents the door from opening if the chamber pressure is not equal to the atmospheric pressure outside the chamber


“We supply a range of consumables including pouches, helix test strips, printer rolls and water distillers. Contact us for a price list.”

About Us

Autoclaves QLD is a provider of autoclave sterilisers to professional service firms throughout Queensland including dentists, podiatrists, doctors, vets, beauticians, tattoo artists and microbiology laboratories. It is our goal to make the acquisition and ownership of your autoclave completely PAINLESS by offering excellent quality sterilisers at excellent value prices and by offering complete repair and verification services.

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